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When Teams and SharePoint Collide

SharePoint Intranets

Intranets come in many forms. Some companies use them to distribute new information. Some as portals to other systems. Some as a knowledge-base. Some as a full-blown work area for staff.

Most of the time, whatever form it takes, the intranet is envisaged as a central place to store important information that all staff will need in their day-to-day work.

The tricky part is how to get people to engage in the intranet. SharePoint Online is a fantastic platform for an intranet, but even if people use SharePoint for their daily file storage, its easy to skip past the Home Page, or just use bookmarks for your favourite libraries.


Over the last couple of years, and over the last few gloomy months in particular, Microsoft Teams has started to make a real impact on people’s daily work-life. Used at its best, Teams will be the first thing that people look at in the morning, dealing with the vast majority of internal communications, meetings, to-do lists, day-to-day file management and more. With people now working remotely so much more, it’s become a vital tool to keep people in touch and manage collaboration on projects.

It seemed to us that if we could bring the Intranet right into Teams, then suddenly everybody would be able to get straight to the information that they need right from where they’re working anyway.

Teams x SharePoint

SharePoint is already a core part of Teams, providing the engine for the File management. But SharePoint is so much more than just File Management. It provides an entire development platform that can be used to create business tools to help manage your processes and workflows.

After a slow start, Microsoft has been gradually creating tools for developers to extend Teams. This has given rise to all sorts of possibilities, but the key thing is that companies can begin to bring together day-to-day business apps right into the place where people are doing their work.

Whether it’s holiday request forms, important policy documents or latest company news, this can now all be just a single click away in Teams.


To help our clients take advantage of this, we’ve been hard at work bringing many of the most popular Hub features into Teams. You can now use The Hub to quickly create an Employee Portal, a tab for Policies and Procedures, a News Hub, your Phone Book, Home Pages for each of your departments. 

In fact, most of The Hub Intranet apps can now be pulled into a Teams button on the left-hand nav bar and rolled out to all of your staff so that they can quickly access key information.

And all of this can be done on top of your corporate intranet, built and maintained in SharePoint Online.

For more information, check out our Hub website, or give us a call to book a demo.

We will also be running a demo on Thursday 25th June – check our Eventbrite page for webinar dates.