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ISO27001 information security certified

We are now ISO 27001 Information Security Certified!

Over the last year, Colin (our MD) and the team have been working extremely hard to get AMT Evolve ISO 27001 Information Security certified. AMT works alongside around 80 clients each year, helping them get the most from Cloud Computing. Making sure that our systems are secure protects us and our clients, and we felt that getting fully certified in this would give confidence to our clients and help us to keep our systems in the best shape. 

What is ISO 27001? 

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is a leading organisation that, alongside the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), develops international standards for the protection of data and information within business. In order to be ISO 27001 certified, an accredited body assesses the current state of business processes and policies and ensures that information security management systems (ISMS) are secure.

The Process 

The journey to ISO27001 certification is a long one! However, with the work of our amazing team, we are now certified!  

The whole process started with risk assessment. This meant going through the company’s information systems methodically to locate and identify any threats or risks, and the impacts they would have on the business if they were to occur. After that was completed, we then had to implement and document all the information security controls to address these risks.  

ISO 27001 certification is an ongoing process. These policies and procedures will be audited, reviewed and maintained on a regular basis.  

What does it mean to be certified?  

Our promise to our clients (and our staff!) is that we will do everything we can to keep data safe. In the IT industry today, there are constant threats of hacking and data leaks, therefore it is our priority to keep the business secure. By getting ISO 27001 certified, we can ensure that we are building a culture of security within our organisation, and that you can have confidence in AMT that your information is in safe hands.