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Use Office 365 to improve how you work.

Upgrade your workspace with our Out-of-the-Box SharePoint Intranet.

The Hub: A Modern SharePoint Intranet

Fast. The Hub is the quickest way to implement a SharePoint Intranet on Office 365.

Tried and tested. The Hub is a set of templates and modules that we use to build you a bespoke corporate intranet – an Intranet-in-a-box.

Safe pair of hands. Our consultants are experienced SharePoint developers and experts, working with companies across the UK to build SharePoint and Office 365 business systems.

Proven process. Our well-defined delivery process helps us quickly capture your requirements, design your intranet, and deliver a stunning communication tool for your organisation.

End to end service. Plans include design, build and training. At the end of the project, we hand the intranet over to you, with full training on how to maintain and grow it and support should you need it.


Integrate your Intranet into Teams along with modules such as 'Phonebook' and 'Policy Libraries'.

Below are just a few of our SharePoint Intranet examples. These can be fully customised for your business. If you would like to see our SharePoint site designs in action, please take a look at our Hub Lookbook or book in for a demo and you’ll see the vast amount of options you have to create the perfect company intranet.

Did you know...

Our Hub Intranet was rated the highest value for performance/ price ratio in the ClearBox Report (SharePoint Intranet review and comparison)

Get what you need from your intranet

With more than 25 web parts that fit in to SharePoint, we can customise your intranet so that you get the information your business needs, when you need it.


Easily notify your users.

Custom Favicon

Apply your intranet logo to the browser tab.

Google Analytics

Embed Google Analytics to assist in reviewing user adoption.

Custom Search

Configure search results to assist your users in locating documentation.

Mandatory Read

Get important announcements and documentation in front of your users with confirmation of reading.


Display imagery and announcement banners with motion.


Configure a set of world clocks within your intranet.


Smart display of classifieds, jobs boards etc


Use AI to get your users the information they need, quickly.

Meeting Management

Plan agendas, distribute documents, manage actions

Personal Contacts

Display the logged in users contacts within the intranet.

Personal Calendar

Display the logged in users personal calendar events within the intranet.

Org Chart

Display the structure of your organisation.


Search and refine users within the organisation to learn about them and make contact.

Stock Info

Display stock information within your intranet.

Site Provisioning

Automate the creation of project and team sites

Script Editor

Modify the current page with custom script.

Personal Email

Display your users emails within the intranet.

RSS Dashboard Feed

Display external data in a dashboard style.


Customise a set of navigation tile/promoted links.


Add local weather to your intranet.

Personal Documents

Display the logged in users documents within the intranet.

RSS Feed Reader

Display external information in a Feed Reader style.

Currency Converter

Easily convert currencies.

Want to see The Hub in action?

Why choose SharePoint?

SharePoint Online, part of Office 365, is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform. It is used worldwide to help companies communicate, share information and manage business processes.

As an Office 365 user, you have SharePoint available to you at no extra cost. Turning this into a stunning SharePoint Intranet will keep your HR tools, document management, corporate news, policies and procedures all in one secure place. And we will train you how to use SharePoint and Office 365 to complete your digital transformation.

The Hub Intranet

package options

Support options?

Introducing tools steadily over a period of time, with a clear rationale, brings people along with you.

Taking time to show people how to get the best from Office 365 can significantly improve day-to-day efficiency.

AMT Evolve, the creators of The Hub, is a leading Office 365 and SharePoint Consultancy. We offer a range of SharePoint and Office 365 user adoption services that you can mix and match, from quick-start workshops, to drop-in sessions, floor walking and online/ telephone support.


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    Hub Options

    5 Homepage Templates

    3 Site Templates: Department, Location, Project

    Automatic Provisioning Process

    Branding Themes

    25 Modern Experience Web Parts

    7.5 hours post go-live power user

    2nd line telephone and email support

    1 day Power User course

    Half day End User course

    Branded quick start end user guide

    AMT template theme plus custom homepage layout

    Responsive design home page

    Regular Office 365 upgrade information

    Custom homepage design, top and side menu design and information page template 

    Responsive designed home page, plus key landing pages 

    2nd line telephone and email support 

    15 days 1-1 consultancy, including 4 on-site days and completion of Governance Process Document 

    1 day on-site administrator training 

    1 day Cloud Collaboration workshop 

    Half day end-user workshop 

    Branded quick-start guide

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      The Hub is a product by AMT Evolve